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Leicester's Premier Steam Carpet Cleaners

  • Steam & Hot water extraction for all types of carpets, rugs, mattresses & upholstery!

  • FREE carpet sanitisation killing 99% of viruses and germs

  • Stain protection offered, lasts 12-18 months

  • Same day bookings & real-time availability

  • Family run business, fully insured and qualified

  • Eco-friendly, pet and child-safe detergents available

  • Covering the whole of Leicestershire & beyond

We thought we better start by sharing some of our recent carpet cleans in Leicester, the power of steam really helps lift dirt and remove stains - these machines aren't cheap - there's a good reason why as you'll see from the amazing results.

Our Services

Here's how easy it is to book Carpet Cleaning in Leicester and beyond


Schedule your appointment

You can schedule an appointment in various ways - use our Book Now function, or contact us using online chat, telephone or Whatsapp.


De-clutter the carpet area

Remove any objects from the carpet area (as many as you can), that might hinder your service. The carpet cleaner can only move chairs and small tables. He cannot move other heavy furniture.


Meet your carpet cleaner

Let your carpet cleaner into your property and show him which carpets you would like cleaned. Give him proper instructions if you want anything more specific done.


Enjoy your freshened up carpets

Let us finish the job - As simple as that you can now enjoy the pleasant looks of your carpet again. No dirt, stains or bad adours!

How will we clean your carpets?

Leicester's Premier Steam Carpet Cleaners


We are equipped and trained to carry out steam and hot water carpet cleaning.

The most common professional carpet cleaning method is the hot water extraction, however we mainly use hot water and steam, which provides the ultimate clean. - watch the videos above. Unless your carpets aren't suitable for example; they are made from a fibre steam doesn't agree with. (don't worry if they can't handle the steam, all our machines also do hot water extraction). 

The following steps are carried out:

Step 1. Risk assessment to spot any potential hazards during the work at your place


Step 2. Identification of the carpet fibre type to determine the best way of cleaning it. This may involve a burn test (a small bit of fibre is removed) to identify exactly what your carpet fibre is made of.


Step 3. Survey of your carpets for any spot and stains. 


Once we know what type of carpet fibre we are dealing with, and determine the best course of action, the carpet cleaner will continue with the next steps:

Step 4. Your carpets will be vacuumed with a high filtration machine to remove dry soils.

Step 5. Pre-spray with antiviral product that destroys bacteria and viruses and dissolves dirt that is attached to the carpet fibres.

Step 6. Powerful steam cleaning, that will remove all dissolved dirt and leaves your carpets deep cleaned, sanitised , smooth and heavenly fragranced. 

Step 7. Advanced stain treatment for any residual stains.

Step 8. The option to apply stain protection, normally lasts 12 - 18 months.

-Stain protection product is applied by fine spray. This coats the fibres with an invisible shield without changing the look and feel of your carpets; Helping them look cleaner for longer and giving you much better chance to get rid of stains should any spillage occur. 


When it is all done, your carpets will be groomed and you will be provided with a pair of plastic overshoes to offer to visitors at your home, to keep your freshly cleaned carpets clean especially for a few hours after clean/treatment.

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